A little bit about us

Beatz-On Radio is the brainchild of brothers Andrew and David Park and was established on Live365 in February 2021. The initial idea was Andrew's and he enlisted the help of brother David, who already had his own show on another station, to get set up on the popular site. On March 1st, the station was officially launched on our new, high quality, server and his since grown from 2 shows a week to having a whole host of excellent DJ's and presenter. Why Beatz-On Radio? Well, in 2018 Andrew was diagnosed with leukemia and, with the excellent care provided at the Beatson Cancer Centre in Glasgow, Andrew was able to win his battle. The brothers decided to name the station in honour of the facility which helped to save Andrew's life. We hope you like the content and you'll stick around to help us become the best we can be.